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How it started in 1970

1980 Company almost bankrupt

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Results focused live started

1993 his father died

1994 1st restructuring project

1995 Back to School

1997 First “real” job Xerox

2001 Burnout

2002 Running

2007 Marathon


2006 First step into the dark

2006 First interim project

2006 Start Interim career

2012 The international dream

2013 First international project

2013 The search for a project

2014 First workshop

10 Success elements

2007 Marathon

Still results driven in his core, he dreamt of new goal: the marathon, the holy distance of more than 42km.

His running teacher told him the truth: he had no talent, wrong type of body, legs to short, so not even a chance to complete a marathon.

“Your body can’t handle the enormous amount of training labour” his teacher often explained.

This was partly true, but unfortunately said to a guy who can’t accept the word “NO”. The more the teacher warned him, the more he moved on this idea of the marathon.

After 4 years of severe training, fighting all the typical running injuries, he finished his first marathon in 2007. Another 12 thereafter were completed like Berlin, Paris, Amsterdam and Rotterdam.

Finishing Rotterdam Marathon in 2008