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How it started in 1970

1980 Company almost bankrupt

Say thank you

Results focused live started

1993 his father died

1994 1st restructuring project

1995 Back to School

1997 First “real” job Xerox

2001 Burnout

2002 Running

2007 Marathon


2006 First step into the dark

2006 First interim project

2006 Start Interim career

2012 The international dream

2013 First international project

2013 The search for a project

2014 First workshop

10 Success elements

2006 First interim project

So he started as interim manager at a concrete production company in Holland. He landed in a complete chaos.

Lots of politics, meddling from stakeholders, everyday unexpected production stops. Although he had nothing to do with the origin of the problems, everybody blamed him or conspired against him. He just turned 36, which made the majority of the colleagues older therefore a lack of respect towards him.

Still driven by results, he thought he had put out hotter fires in his family business. He managed to ignore all annoying human aspects of this situation and concentrated on the business.

He quickly learned there was just one way to deal with these situation: rule with the iron hand and don’t care what they would think about him. They would probably hate him for standing up, but they would not like him anyway.