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How it started in 1970

1980 Company almost bankrupt

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1993 his father died

1994 1st restructuring project

1995 Back to School

1997 First “real” job Xerox

2001 Burnout

2002 Running

2007 Marathon


2006 First step into the dark

2006 First interim project

2006 Start Interim career

2012 The international dream

2013 First international project

2013 The search for a project

2014 First workshop

10 Success elements

1980 fathers company almost bankrupt

In 1980 the BIG CRISIS hit everyone, everywhere in the Netherlands. His father’s trucking company went down just hard as all others. There was nothing they could do to stop it, almost all their customers went bankrupt, taking their trucking company with them.

His father wasn’t the type of guy to let his company go just like that. He literally broke the chains of one of the trucks confiscated by the bankruptcy trustee. In the meanwhile they agreed to repay the debtors up to 80% within the next 10 years.

It would have been much better if his parents simply walked away from this hopeless situation. But they didn’t and signed on a mission impossible: all the money that would be earned the next 10 years, would go direct to the debtors and lawyers.

They would have left just enough money to buy food to live for. Sometimes when needed a bit of clothing. These were the 80’s.

The truck his father confiscated in 1980: a scania 110 with 300PS